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H.E.Miller  Rock Music musician, singer, songwriter, recording artist

"Apocalyptic Dreams, a strongly thematic concept album, is a statement in itself in today’s post-album music world. For a debut album to be precisely conceived, so carefully executed, is both shocking and inspiring.


"Great forward thinking rock. This record screams out hi-energy rock. From the start of the record until the end you are taken on a journey that not only excites the imagination but pleases the very center of your rock and roll being. If you don't own this record you are doing yourself an injustice!"


“H. E. Miller has honed a distinctive style."

   -Accent Tampa Bay


“… it ponders the possibility of worlds where gods may or may not exist, and it's set to a grungy, back beat.”


“This guy is true to the classic rock sound that spawned so many musicians I hear these days.  H.E. Miller rides the wave of his skills to their limit, and wrings every bit of emotion and rock & roll heart from them."

   -Music Emissions


“…a one-man demolition squad trying to bring a little sorely needed New York Dolls and Sex Pistols into the sorry state of music today.”

   - Glide Magazine


" a good backbeat, lyrics that ring true in these unsure times, and a guitar that struts, swaggers, and slithers like classic rock tunes you know by heart.




“A high intensity guitar mixed with a smooth steady rhythm really brings back that old rock sound but mixes in a grungy punk rock element.”


   -Hot Indie News


“…It's pure rock and roll with heart.  … Apocalyptic Dreams is made of the stuff of rock and roll dreams whether they be fulfilled or unfulfilled.”


   - NBC’s First Coast News .com


"The album as a whole can be compared to the Rolling Stones."




“Think to when you turn your radio to that one Classic Rock station in your city. This music is just like it. Think of CCR, Lynyrd Skynyrd, old Rolling Stones, The Who, Joe Jackson, and those sorts of bands. If you like that stuff, you'll love H.E. Miller. You will.”




“...the leads are good, the drums and bass in the pocket, the low-fi vocals sound just the way they should, and the lyrics, awesome tongue-in-cheek religious references. “




"...terrible and karmically wonderful at the same time…  Your friends will marvel at its rawness and dismiss it...but know that this is what they'd be listening to if the world ended today." 


   - SKOPE Magazine

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